Matchmaking in the Event Industry is an (international) matchmaking platform for the event and entertainment industry. The platform matches supply with demand with innovative algorithms, and generates relevant and verified sales inquiries for event professionals and suppliers in the event industry.

Get matched with new customers

EventWork daily receives many requests from customers and / or event organizers for services and products around events. These requests are matched with event suppliers in our platform, based on several criteria provided by the customer. When being part of the platform, you will receive these new customer requests.  

You are in control

The platform proposes new customer requests to you based on your profile. After receiving a new customer request, you can decide to accept or decline the request. When you think the request is interesting, you can accept, and you will see all contact details of the customer. 

Pay only for accepted leads

To cover our costs, we charge a small amount per accepted lead that you received. This amount depends on the potential order value of the lead. 

Our Solutions





Get matched with clients and event organizers, locally and internationally. Receive sales inquiries by e-mail. 


Promote your Event Business through our network, generate more sales inquiries and increase your customer base. 


Share your ideas, inspiration and innovation with clients and event organizers.


Receive feedback and increase your trustworthiness.

Platform Features

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